This asset is already compatible with the following third parties’ Dialogue Systems and Plugins. (Remember: you must enable TextMeshPro in your project.)

In case your plugin is not officially integrated, you can read here: how to manually integrate Text Animator.

Easy Integration

To integrate the plugins in this section, you don’t have to install any external packages. (However, you may have to disable their typewriter and replace it with TextAnimator’s one)

  • You can simply add the TextAnimatorPlayer and TextAnimator components (near a TextMeshPro component) and set the “UseEasyIntegration” value to true.

Here’s everything summed up in an image:

textanimator easy integration setup

⚠️ P.S. If you’re using Easy Integration, TextAnimator will add two invisible tags in appendix to your text (no worries, the text placement/layout will act like if the tags are not written).
Explanation: This is to “force” TMPro/TextAnimator to trigger text changes, even when it has been written the same string twice. You can disable this tag placement by adding the #TA_NoTempFix preprocessor define, but be aware that you won’t be able to set similar texts multiple times subsequently (like text = “hello”; text = “hello”) unless it has rich text tags (like text =”hello"; text = "hello").</i>

✔️ Dialogue System for Unity

Dialogue System for Unity: Unity Asset Store page.


  • Use TextMeshPro instead of Unity’s built-in Text
  • Remove its typewriter script/effect
  • Add the components TextAnimator and TextAnimatorPlayer. to your dialogue text, as shown in the EasyIntegration steps.

Be sure to have removed the DialogueSystem’s Typewriter component, and only use TextAnimator’s one.


✔️ Yarn Spinner

Yarn Spinner (open source): website.

  • Use TextMeshPro
  • DialogueUI” component, set “text speed” to 0.
  • DialogueUI” component, set the “OnLineUpdate” event with TextMeshPro’s text.

textanimator integration yarnspinner lineupdate

  • Add the components TextAnimator and TextAnimatorPlayer to your dialogue text, as shown in the EasyIntegration steps.


To integrate the following plugins, you must import the related integration package in your project, found in the TextAnimator/Integrations folder.

Don’t forget to a TextAnimatorPlayer and TextAnimator components (near a TextMeshPro one).

✔️ PlayMaker

PlayMaker: Unity Asset Store page.

In order to create FSMs with PlayMaker, you have to extract the “PlayMaker - Integration” package in your project. You can find it in the Plugin/TextAnimator/Integrations folder.

After doing so, you’ll find its action added to PlayMaker, called “Set Text”.

textanimator integration playmaker settext action

You can use it to set the typewriter’s text, showing the text dynamically etc. To edit its settings, edit the referenced TextAnimatorPlayer component in the inspector.

textanimator integration playmaker statemachine example


The following plugins work with TextAnimator, but some features may not be available.


Naninovel: Unity Asset Store page.

With Naninovel, you can use TextAnimator’s animations but not the TextAnimatorPlayer component (TextAnimator’s typewriter). You have to use Naninovel’s typewriter.

A compromise in order to not change any plugin structure and stability <3

  • You need to create and set a Naninove Text Mesh Pro printer, for example duplicating its “TMProDialogue” prefab. Please read the Naninovel’s guide on how to add printers to naninovel.
  • Add “TA_Naninovel” in the scripting define symbols. (Unity→Project Settings→Player→Other Settings)

textanimator integration naninovel scriptdefinel

  • Your TMPro printer must have a TextAnimator component on the text gameObject that you want to animate.
  • In the text gameObject that you want to animate (like”DialogueText”), edit the ReveableTMProText’s “Revealing section” and disable its fade effect. You could keep this active, but TextAnimator’s effects may change because of it (with a fade effect applied.); it’s suggested to use TextAnimator’s one at this point.

textanimator integration naninovel set revealing

  • Don’t forget to set that printer as active in your Naninovel dialogues.

Extra: to create a printer with TextAnimator, one example may be duplicating the TMProDialogue prefab (which has the “ReveableTextPrinterPanel” component on top), locating the “DialogueText” gameobject and adding the “TextAnimator” component near the “ReveableTMProText” component.


The following plugins are currently being researched and their integration with TextAnimator is not guaranteed (with our without code). Please read How to manually integrate Text Animator for more info and the Public Roadmap.

❓ Fungus

❓ Adventure Creator