This page contains a list of common issues and how to solve them.


Error: "Invalid operation. Can't add script behavior TMP_Text." when adding the TextAnimatorPlayer component

Explanation: It means that you don't have a "TextMeshPro" component on your GameObject.
Solution: Add a component that inherits from TMP_Text and then try again (you can add both the GUI or the 3DMesh one).

Error: The type or namespace name 'TMPro' could not be found (missing directive or assembly reference)

Please install the package "TextMeshPro", available in the Unity's package manager.

I have errors after updating to a newer version

If you have errors after updating, please be sure to read the Updating Guide in the documentation.

Global Effects tags are not formatted in the Editor (Unity 2019.x or above)

If you're using Unity 2019.x or above and the Editor is not loading global effects, be sure that you have "ProjectSettings/Editor/EnterPlayModeSettings → Reload Domain" set to true and enter playmode once.


Third Party Plugins

Why is the [instert any plugin here]'s integration not working?

Please, be sure to read its related guide in the documentation and follow each step.
If it still doesn't work, feel free to contact me.


I can't find the type "TextAnimator" in my script

Explanation: "TextAnimator" is inside the "Febucci.UI" namespace.
Solution: Be sure to include "using Febucci.UI;" at the top of your script.