Frequently Asked Question

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  • Does this plugin animate non-ui texts as well? (TMPro Text’s world component)

    Yes, as long as you’re using the relative TextMeshPro’s component. Text Animator works with both UGUI and world TextMeshPro components.

  • Does Text Animator work with multiple languages?

    Short answer: yes.

    • About translated text:

      Yes, but localization is not handled by Text Animator. Localization is handled by external scripts instead (it could be your own localization manager, a dialogue system, […]). In other words, Text Animator is not a localization plugin.

      If you have a text that contains a rich text tag, it must have the same layout in the translated Language (example “hello how are you?”, should be translated to “ciao come stai?”). Then, you can simply call "`textAnimatorComponent.ShowText(translatedText);`".

      (This localization process also applies to any other game/project […])

    • About different fonts:

      Yes, but it’s not handled by Text Animator (it’s handled by Text Mesh Pro instead).

      If TMPro supports a language, text animator will do as well. This is because Text Animator only animate letters, which are generated by TextMeshPro.

  • Is my [insert dialogue system here] supported?

    Please read the ‘Dialogue Systems’ Integrations’ page in the latest documentation. In case it’s not already supported, you can read how to implement it in its next page.

  • Can I use Text Animator in a web build?


  • Can I add Disappearance effects?

    Disappearance effects are currently not implemented, please read the public roadmap to discover this feature’s current status.

  • When are effects applied? After opening tags or after closing them?

    An effect is applied from the moment you open its tag.

    <shake>hello” will already have the word “hello” shaking.

  • Can I delete the plugin’s “Example” folder?

    Sure, you can delete the plugin’s example folder if you don’t need it.

  • Who is awesome?

    You are awesome!